My 4 year old son (recently turned 4) attends Kozy Kids twice a week and has had a wonderful experience. He had never been in a childcare setting for more than a few hours so we were especially anxious and careful in selecting one that we thought would suit him well and give him nurturing and thoughtful care. We knew immediately that Kozy Kids was the place as Diana introduced us to her lovely preschool. My son enjoys the fun activities, Diana and her staff, and the education that he’s received. He started there with a mild interest in the alphabet and recognizing/writing some letters. The staff has really inspired him to and helped him know his letters and sounds, write letters, and spell words. He pursues it with great zeal now and has grown tremendously, with a lot owed to Kozy Kids and the activities there.  My son also loves the imaginative exercises, yoga, and outdoor play that are so important for children to have a positive outlet for their energy and an ability to find a calm center. The physical space of the school is beautiful and well-conceived. The communication from the staff to the parents about the daily activities of each child is wonderful. I love that my son is eating healthy and yummy foods for every snack and meal. As a teacher and a social worker, respectively, my husband and I have high expectations for anyone who cares for our children and Kozy Kids has met and exceeded those. We feel so fortunate to have them teaching and caring for our son!


~Midge & Dan