If your child’s attendance at Kozy Kids begins during the spring, you might unexpectedly find a jar of ladybugs accompanying you home one evening followed by the endearing ritual of watching your son or daughter release them into the soil of your own garden. At the same time, your toddler may suddenly start talking with great enthusiasm about vegetables, including the ones he refuses to eat at home, all because he has learned about them and helped to plant a community garden at Kozy Kids.

If your first exposure to Kozy Kids begins in the heat of summer, you will quickly see how your child thrives outdoors in a backyard designed exclusively for kids. With frequent outings to a nearby park and more ambitious adventures to places like the Oregon Zoo, your child will have meaningful educational experiences accompanied by the physical activity they need to grow healthy and strong. On a recent walk to the park, for example, my son was tasked with the assignment of collecting and surveying rocks; he proudly brought them home in a linen bag which he had also decorated.

If your child is introduced to Kozy Kids in the fall, when older siblings might be headed off to elementary school, you will be amazed by the quality and quantity of academic learning which takes place here. After quickly absorbing colors and numbers, days and months, and the letters of the alphabet, my son moved on to master even more complex skills like recognizing letters by sight, singing songs from memory, and reciting the “Pledge of Allegiance” from start to finish. By promoting a natural sense of curiosity, encouraging self-expression and providing structured lessons with hands-on learning activities, I’ve watched my son acquire so much knowledge.
If it is the dead of winter when your little boy or little girl is fortunate enough to begin their stay at Kozy Kids, as my own son was, you will marvel at the excitement they bring home each day. Whether making a new friend, understanding a new concept, or finding a new form of independence, they learn from helping others, learn from taking care of their own needs, and learn from becoming part of a new community comprised of active kids and caring adults.

More than this, however, Kozy Kids, simply put, is my child’s home away from home. Of course, I could say so much more about Diana — her contagious enthusiasm, her genuine love of kids, her seemingly limitless energy, and her obvious creative talents, all immediately come to mind. But I also know that once you meet her and tour the house, you will undoubtedly feel the same positive energy, the same reassurance of safety, and the same spark of excitement for learning that I did.