My daughter has been at the Kozy Kids Preschool for almost two years now. She started at the age of one, and adapted really well since her first days, because she was loved and hugged, and treated with motherly care, and surrounded by older kids who played with her and treated her with gentle care.

Diana (the owner) is a fantastic care provider; she genuinely loves children, and always thinks of their best interest, which is what any good parent wants from a teacher and a caregiver. Diana is a very loving and kind person, but at the same time she knows how to keep children on their best behavior, and how to teach them good manners and respect for others. I want my daughter to grow up to be a kind, fair, and strong person, and I believe that Diana is a fantastic role model for my daughter.

I love the curriculum that Diana offers, and I can see that my daughter continues to learn and advance, and that she is well prepared for her future years in kindergarten and at school. My daughter brings home tons of crafts, and the variety of “techniques” used to paint on a piece of paper never ceases to amaze me.  She also brings a lot of colored pages with shapes and letters on them, and she knows all of the shapes and a lot of letters already, and she’s not even three.

Diana provides organic, healthy snacks and lunches to the kids, and I love coming in the morning to a smell of freshly made pancakes.

I feel that the age variety amongst kids is a great asset to this preschool: younger kids learn advanced skills from the older kids. My daughter’s language and social skills are very developed, and I believe that the preschool settings contributed to it the most. Now that she’s older and there are kids that are younger than her, she is learning about taking care and playing with “babies”, and I think this is a great experience that teaches her to be caring for others that are more fragile.

Whenever anyone asks me if I can recommend a daycare for their children, I always recommend the Kozy Kids Preschool, and I always have great things to say about it.

~Andre & Natalia