“Kozy Kids has exceeded expectations”

My 4 year old son (recently turned 4) attends Kozy Kids twice a week and has had a wonderful experience. He had never been in a childcare setting for more than a few hours so we were especially anxious and careful in selecting one that we thought would suit him [...]

“Highly recommended!”

My daughter has been at the Kozy Kids Preschool for almost two years now. She started at the age of one, and adapted really well since her first days, because she was loved and hugged, and treated with motherly care, and surrounded by older kids who played with her and [...]

“We’re very happy we discovered Kozy Kids!”

"Kozy Kids Preschool has been a wonderful place for our son.  The environment and space is completely dedicated to the kids.  Lots of reading, art, books, writing and one-on-one attention...Diana and her staff are caring and nurturing.  We’re very happy we discovered Kozy Kids!" ~Emily & Mark

“Creative, kid-friendly and clean!”

My son started at Kozy Kids when he was 18 months old and continued there until he started kindergarten this last fall.  My daughter has now attended Kozy Kids for nearly 3 years.  I still remember my first impression of Kozy Kids; creative, kid-friendly, and clean! Each morning I drop my daughter [...]

“We have absolute confidence in Diana and her program.”

“My son has been going to Kozy Kids Preschool for over two years. We have absolute confidence in Diana and her program. She always looks out for the best interest of the kids and provides a caring, educational, and active environment. We are expecting our second child and when she [...]

“Diana runs an amazing school on many levels!”

We have had the pleasure of sending all 3 of our kids to Kozy Kids. Diana runs an amazing school on many levels!  She has an extremely energetic and positive energy that she puts toward loving/teaching her students thru yoga, serving only organic food and providing a clean and organized [...]

“I love Kozy Kids Preschool!”

“I love Kozy Kids Preschool!!  They have become our second family; they genuinely care about your child’s success in all aspects of life!  My daughter has learned to communicate her feelings, exercise artistic expression and excel in her alphabet; number’s, colors, as well as gain a firm foundation of ethics [...]

“Dear Prospective Kozy Kids Parent…”

If your child’s attendance at Kozy Kids begins during the spring, you might unexpectedly find a jar of ladybugs accompanying you home one evening followed by the endearing ritual of watching your son or daughter release them into the soil of your own garden. At the same time, your toddler [...]