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Our own playground!

Kozy Kids Enrichment Center

Outdoor play

We provide children with the opportunity to explore the natural environment and engage in imaginative adventures. This fosters curiosity, creativity, and critical thinking while also reducing anger and aggression and improving impulse control.

Rain or Shine

Kozy Kids ensures a minimum of 45 minutes of outdoor play in the morning and afternoon, regardless of the weather. Additionally, we offer enrichment classes, including gymnastics, dance, and yoga, all of which are included in your tuition.

Face Coverings

Families who believe their child should wear a face mask as a preventive measure against illnesses and outbreaks are welcome!

Impact of Actions Outside our Program

Kozy Kids staff understands that our actions outside the program affect all our families and teachers. If you are exposed to any illness in your own time, we ask that you watch for symptoms in your own child and make us aware to help stop the spread.


We have enrichment class teachers, state certifiers, and vendors as visitors. All visitors are required to log in/out at the front desk and are never left alone with the children. All tours are conducted outside the classroom and observed through our windows.

Nut-Free Environment

The food provided is nut-free to ensure no kids with nut allergies get affected.

Sweet-Free Environment

Sweet-free snacks are provided to kids for healthy growth. On special occasions like birthday celebrations, fresh fruits and non-dairy whipped cream are used in the treats.